Unlock the Power  of MTF Technical Analysis

Easily synchronize your technical analysis objects and symbols across an unlimited number of charts. With the ability to customize which objects to sync, when to sync them, and where to sync them, you're in complete control. 


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Unlock the Power of MTF Technical Analysis with Chart Sync Pro 

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Sync virtually unlimited symbols, charts or objects

Sync Everything You Need

With Chart Sync Pro, you can synchronize vertical lines, horizontal lines, trend lines, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, trend by angles, cycle lines, arrowed lines, equidistant channels, standard deviation channels, linear regression channels, andrew's pitchfork and fibonacci (retracement, time zones, fans, arcs, channels and expansions). For all supported objects, Chart Sync Pro allows you to customize each and every property for the selected object, like color, style, widths, etc.

No Cap On Synced Charts!

Why pay more if you want to sync 3 charts, or 4, or 6? With Chart Sync Pro, you can sync as many charts as your monior(s) can handle. We give you the flexibility you need in order to run all your MTF technical analysis like a pro. 

No Limit on Instruments!

With Chart Sync Pro you have no limit in how many instruments / symbols you can sync. You don't even have a limit on the number of graphical elements. 

All-in-one, next-gen chart sync tool

Chart Sync Pro is literally for everybody! Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a senior trader, Chart Sync Pro can and will take your multi-timeframe technical analysis a whole new level. Tired of jumping from a charting solution to your trading platform? With Chart Sync Pro, you can have your MTF charting within your trading platform, MT4 or MT5.  

All-in-one, next-gen chart sync tool

Beginner Traders

Did you just start your trading journey? As you already read in most of the educational materials out there, multi-timeframe analysis can significantly boost your performance. Chart Sync Pro will make MTF analysis management like a breeze for you.

Senior Traders

You already know how valuable is MTF, you also know that having a tool that syncs any instrument, on any timeframe, with any object on an unlimited number of charts, is literally the closest you can get to perfection. And all that, within your MT4/5.

Trading Academies

Teaching your students how to do MTF is amazing, but you know that most of the time they struggle with keeping track of each and evey drawn object, timeframe and intrument. Have Chart Sync Pro take care of that for you while you focus on delivering outstanding educational content. 

Ready to get started today?

You can try Chart Sync Pro for FREE for 7 days. There is absolutely no limitation on the trial indicator. If you have any questions during the trial, just let us know. 

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